The People

Brief Biographies of Key Personnel

Swaggart Enterprises, Inc. employs a competent core of very versatile key employees.  These people enable Swaggart to perform a wide variety of work.  In addition to personnel regularly on the payroll, Swaggart has a cadre of semi-retired old hands to call upon for periodic project work.  Also, Cecil Swaggart’s exhaustive industry contacts enable him to hire other additional workers as required to meet specific task order needs and time constraints.  Following are brief biographical sketches of a few of Swaggart’s competent people.

Charles H. Hawkins III

Chuck Hawkins is the President & Principal Consultant for Hawkins & Associates, Inc., based in White Sulphur Springs, Montana.  He works with Swaggart on a regular basis and has assisted on numerous projects in several western states during the past 18 years.

Since 1979, Hawkins has provided Timber Consulting & Project Management services to clients through the western United States as well as in Central & South America, Eastern Europe, and Central & Southwest Africa. He has been employed as second-in-command of a multi-plant forest products enterprise, industrial timber manager & forester, logging manager, logging superintendent, logging & road construction contractor, and logging equipment operator. Hawkins has degrees in Forestry & Business (Industrial Organization & Management), and has completed the Project Management Institute core curriculum required for PMI Certification. Chuck Hawkins has more than 40 years of experience in the timber industry.

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David Roe

David Roe is a resident of Twin Falls, Idaho. He has many years of practical operating and management experience in the hazardous fuels reduction business, both as an equipment operator and as a contractor. He has owned and operated various kinds of excavators and masticators. He now operates equipment for Swaggart as an employee and concurrently leases some of his own machinery to Swaggart as needed on projects. David Roe has more than 25 years of experience.

Jacob Joseph Castro

Jake Castro is a life-long resident of Prineville, Oregon. He grew up in a logging family in a logging community. Jake first began working for Swaggart in 2008. He has run various kinds of heavy equipment, including large bulldozers and track-mounted hydro-bunchers. His work has included chaining, road obliteration, sub-soiling, and hazardous fuels reduction thinning & mastication. He has also worked as a pellet mill operator for Woodgrain Millwork in Prineville, Oregon. Jake Castro has over eight years experience.

Joseph Eaton

Joseph Eaton lives in Scappoose, Oregon. He has worked in the woods for 29 years: 15 years as a timber faller and 14 years as a logging equipment operator. Joe has run a wide variety of logging equipment including mechanical de-limbers, dangle-head log processors, and feller-bunchers. Besides working for Swaggart, he has been employed by Chilton Logging, Woodland, OR; Mike Pihl Logging, Vernonia, OR; and Charlie O’Roarke, Prairie City, OR. Joseph Eaton has 29 years of logging experience.

Marc Schrenk

Marc Schrenk is a resident of Murtaugh in Twin Falls County, Idaho. He has extensive years experience operating bulldozers, excavators, road graders, front-end wheel loaders, and heavy haul dump trucks and end-dump trucks. For several years, he has performed hazardous forest fuels reduction and range restoration work with mastication heads and rotating grapples mounted on track excavators. Marc has successfully completed the wildland firefighter course and has worked as a bulldozer operator on fire crews managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Idaho. Marc Schrenk has more than 10 years experience.

Dave Clark

Dave Clark is a resident of Pendleton, Oregon. He is a life-long trucker. For many years he ran his own fleet of long-haul, over-the-road trucks. Now semi-retired, he drives Swaggart’s various lowboy transport trucks. Dave Clark has about 50 years experience.

Danny Vaughn

Danny Vaughn has worked for Swaggart as a machinery operator and crew foreman.

He is a native and life-long resident of Long Creek, Oregon. He is an experienced operator of all sorts of logging and construction equipment, including feller-bunchers & mechanical masticators. In addition to operating machinery, Danny has functioned for Swaggart as a crew foreman. Danny Vaughn has over 25 years of experience.

Joe Clark

Joe Clark is a long-time resident of Long Creek, Grant County, Oregon. Joe has run virtually every type of construction machinery in his long and varied career. He handles most of Swaggart’s lowboy transport and runs loaders, excavators, trucks, and other equipment as required. He holds a Commercial Drivers License & Medical Card. Joe has been a member of the Operating Engineers Union since 1959 and a member of the Teamsters Union since 1950. He served in the US Navy Construction Battalion (CBs), operating heavy equipment and achieving the rank of Construction Mechanic 1st Class Petty Officer. For 11 years he was employed as Project Manager for Tri-State Construction in Seattle, WA. Joe owned and operated an interstate trucking company and hauling business, for many years. He has also owned and operated a cattle & sheep ranch. Joe periodically comes out of retirement to assist Swaggart with heavy equipment transport or equipment operation. Joe Clark has more than 45 years of experience.

Laurie Simmons

Laurie Simmons has worked for Swaggart as a machinery operator and crew foreman.

He is a native and life-long resident of Long Creek, Oregon. During his career, Laurie has run virtually every kind of logging and construction machinery, including excavators, bulldozers, feller-bunchers, and mechanical masticators. Laurie Simmons has more than 25 years of experience.

Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown is a long-time resident of Long Creek, Oregon, and a life-long resident of Grant County, Oregon. Kelly has more than 16 years experience as a grader operator. He was employed for many years by the Grant County Road Department where he was responsible for finishing and maintaining gravel and native-surface roads. His grader experience also includes red-topping & blue-topping. He is a qualified backhoe operator and truck driver, having driven end-dumps, belly-dumps, and pup trailers. In addition to operating equipment, Kelly worked as a machinist for nine years and as a millwright for two years in a sawmill and power plant. Kelly Brown has more than 25 years experience.

Shane Griffin

Shane Griffin is a resident of Imbler, Oregon. He has worked for Swaggart as a heavy equipment operator, field superintendent & contractor representative. Shane is an all-round logger with over a decade of experience running feller-bunchers, single-grip harvesters, and log loaders. He was employed by Broadfoot Logging of Hermiston, Oregon for many years, and has also worked for Corely Logging and Nash Enterprises. Shane Griffin has more than 15 years experience.

Tom MacHugh

Tom MacHugh is a resident of Ukiah, Oregon. He has worked for Swaggart in various capacities over many years. Tom has run virtually every kind of logging machinery and heavy equipment and has driven log trucks and low-bed transport trucks. For several years he owned and operated his own fleet of log trucks. Tom has extensive experience operating track-mounted-swing excavators and log loaders. Tom MacHugh has more than 25 years experience.

Johnny Geinger

Johnny Geinger is a long-time resident of Monument, Oregon.  He has run heavy equipment for Swaggart periodically over many years.  He is a competent operator of all kinds of logging equipment, especially bulldozers and road graders.  Johnny Geinger has more than 40 years of experience.

Cecil Gibson

Cecil Gibson is an old hand who has worked for Swaggart in many capacities over the years. He has a lifetime of all-round experience in logging and road construction, as well as mechanical maintenance & repair. He is a fully-qualified dozer, excavator, and road grader operator. Cecil Gibson has more than 45 years of Experience.

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