The Machinery

Swaggart Enterprises, Inc. has an extensive assortment of machinery available to perform wide variety of work including hazardous fuels reduction, forest stewardship, and logging, hauling, and road construction.  Following are brief descriptions of some of Swaggart’s specialized equipment, as well as a listing of other company-owned machinery.

Timbco Steep-Slope Hydro-Bunchers

The Timbcos are a low-ground-pressure,  track-mounted-swing machines with 3600 continuous swing and a 27-foot hydraulic booms.  Each Timbco is equipped with a Birdseye vertical-shaft mastication head as well as a Hotsaw cutting head.

The Timbcos are 9 feet, 8 inches wide; they weighs roughly 65,000 pounds (including the head and all attachments); are equipped with standard Caterpillar track pads; and have a ground pressure less than 7.0 pounds per square inch.  The Caterpillar 330 D7 track system provides exceptional footing on steep slopes.  The operator’s cab offers excellent visibility and protection; it is ROPS/FOPS/OPS certified for safety, and levels to a horizontal position for efficient operation on slopes up to 51%.  This gives the operator a good view of the trees and terrain, while confined in a safe and level cab.

Birdseye Vertical-Shaft Mastication Heads

The Birdseye vertical-shaft mastication heads are only 46 inches wide. They have a 42-inch disc with a total of 40 cutting teeth, located around the perimeter as well as on the top & bottom.

With a full 260 Hp supplied to the head it can chip, grind & shred trees & brush faster & finer than other machines.  The ground wood fiber is blown away from the head in a fine spray and deposited evenly over the ground, leaving a well-distributed masticated mulch.

The head tilts 450 side-to-side & 2700 front-to back, so it can follow the contour of the ground and the vegetation it is treating.  All the chips blow to one side, so the operator can direct the flow away from property lines, unit boundaries, roads, and structures.

The Birdseye head works effectively on standing trees up to 9 inches in diameter as well as on seedlings & saplings, brush of all kinds, logging slash, and natural downfall.

The Timbco-Birdseye Combination

Built for close quarters & tough terrain … 260 Hp driving … a 46-inch head … mounted at the end of a 27-foot articulated boom … 3600 continuous swing … leveling cab … exceptional footing on steep slopes … less than 7.0 psi ground pressure.–Designed to tread lightly on the land.

Kobelco 200 Mark IV Excavator

This track-mounted-swing machine has a hydraulic boom with a working reach of 32 feet.  It is equipped with a Denis 52-inch, horizontal-shaft mastication head outfitted with sharp cutter teeth (not blunt hammer heads).  The mastication head runs at 3,000 RPM.  Swaggart also has a Robotec 52-inch continuous-rotation brush grapple, as well as a bucket with hydraulic “thumb” attachment for this excavator.  The Kobelco’s ground pressure is less than 6 pounds per square inch when fully equipped.

Hydro-Axe Bull Hog

Hydro-Axe Bull Hog.–The Hydro-Axe 741E is a rugged, rubber-tire tractor equipped with a Fecon 120 Bull Hog horizontal-shaft shredder & mulcher mastication head.  The Fecon head discharges in-line with carrier into soil making it safe for work in highly populated areas.  The fixed position carbide tip cutting teeth are built for severe duty in rough & rocky terrain.  The Hydro-Axe Bull Hog is extremely efficient in knocking down brush & trees as well as chopping up slash.  It is commonly used on mountain shrubs & pinon/juniper with diameters up to eight inches.  The remaining litter is much finer than other types of treatments such as roller chopping.

Madill-Thunderbird TMY-40 Mobile Skyline Yarder

With the Madill-Thunderbird TMY-40 Mobile Skyline Yarder, Swaggart removes logs, hazardous fuels, slash, excess biomass, and other undesirable materials from steep mountainsides and deep canyons.  This machine is specifically designed to thin over-stocked stands of trees and to perform in  partial-cutprescriptions.  It can reach out 2,000 feet and has lateral-yarding and full-suspension capabilities.

The yarder is equipped with a 40-foot tower and an Eaglet radio-controlled, motorized carriage.  This machine has a 2,000-foot external yarding capability.  It runs with a 3/4-inch skyline and a 1/2-inch skidding line.  The clamping carriage maintains a fixed position on the skyline during lateral yarding.

The skyline yarder is stabilized by anchoring the 40-foot tower with two guyline cables that run from internally-powered drums, up through sheaves at the top of the tower, and out to two anchor points–usually large stumps or sometimes heavy machinery such as 30,000-pound crawler tractors.  The rigging crew ties the skyline to a tailhold in the bottom of the canyon–usually one or more large trees which are further stabilized by an array of guylines.

How Skyline Yarding Works
Four men manage the skyline yarding system: an operator who runs the machine, two rigging men who set up the lines and hook the loads, and one chaser who unhooks the loads at the landing.
In the skyline yarding method, the radio-controlled, motorized carriage rides down the skyline, stops at a pre-determined spot, and pays out the skidding line to the hooking crew.  The crew hooks the skidding line to the load.  (The skidding line can reach as far as 150 feet on either side of the skyline and pull the load laterally to the skyline.)  The yarder operator then hoists the loaded skidding line up to the carriage and “flies” it to the landing.
The crew hooks onto logs and large debris with wire-rope chokers.  In special clean-up situations, they hook the skidding line directly to loads of smaller debris that has been pre-bundled in heavy-duty cargo nets, tarps, bags, cans, or other containers.  When the carriage arrives at the top of the tower, the operator lowers the load to the landing where a chaser unhooks it from the skidding line.  Swaggart also has several types of loaders and trucks available for handling logs and debris on the landing.  In addition to bringing logs and debris uphill, the skyline can transport grass seed and mulch downhill for surface reclamation.

Skyline Logging Safety

Swaggart conducts skyline yarding in strict accordance with Oregon Administrative Rules, Subdivision G, Chapter 437, Department of Consumer and Business Services.

Other Equipment

Mechanical Tree Cutting, Piling, Grinding & Mastication Machinery

Timbco 445C with Hotsaw cutting head, accumulator & vertical-shaft mastication head.

Timbco 425D with Hotsaw cutting head, accumulator & vertical-shaft mastication head.

Timbco 430EXL with Hotsaw cutting head, accumulator & vertical-shaft mastication head.

Kobelco 200 with bucket & thumb, rotating brush grapple & horizontal-shaft mastication head.

(All above are track-mounted-swing machines with articulated hydraulic booms.)

Track Skidder & Dozer Combination

Caterpillar D5H with 6-way dozer blade, swinging boom & log grapple.


John Deere 200 Log Loader with demolition grapple.

2 Caterpillar 966 Front End Loaders with 4.4-yard buckets, brush grapples & log forks.


Caterpillar D7G with straight blade, pin-on brush rake & 3-tooth parallelogram ripper.


Kobelco 200 with bucket & hydraulic thumb & rotating brush grapple.


Peterson 6700B Horizontal Grinder with 1,000 hp Caterpillar 3412E engine:

Length: 60 ft. 8 in.; Width: 11 ft. 10 in.; Height: 13 ft. 3 in.; Weight: 67,000 lbs.

Trucks & Trailers

Kenworth tractor with Siebert 65-ton lowboy trailer.

Kenworth tractor with Beall belly-dump, side-dump & end-dump trailers.

2 Ford 12-yard end-dump trucks & 12-yard pup trailer.

Road Grader

Caterpillar 140G with scarifier