Quality Control

Quality Control Philosophy

We attribute our excellent record of job quality and timely completion to our thorough operator training, intensive hands-on supervision, and regular management oversight.  We believe that job quality takes precedence over production, and that quality control begins with worker education, is enhanced by constant coaching, and is maintained by management direction.  We have learned that rework does not pay.  Our emphasis on doing the job right the first time is an important key to our productivity and profitability.

Quality Control Procedures

The Operators.–Quality control begins with the workers.  Swaggart ensures that all machine operators and other workers understand the desired end results and the specific technical specifications of the job.  In addition to their initial training and briefing, all employees are coached periodically by Swaggart, and daily by his Field Superintendent, as the job progresses.  This repetition assures that their work remains acceptable, and that any observed discrepancies are corrected immediately.

The Field Superintendent.–The Field Superintendent provides the second level of quality control.  This is a hands-on foreman who is on the job every day.  He is required by Swaggart to have a thorough understanding of the contract–particularly the Statement of Work and Performance Specifications.  Each day he takes time to inspect all aspects of work-in-progress.  When he finds discrepancies he takes immediate corrective action.

The Project Manager.–The Project Manager is Cecil Swaggart, President & General Manager of Swaggart Enterprises, Inc.  Cecil provides the third level of quality control.  He periodically inspects the work-in-progress, coaches his supervisors and operators, and takes corrective action as necessary to ensure every aspect of contract compliance.

Professional Assistance.–Swaggart also employs an Independent Consultant as needed to make occasional walk-through quality inspections of work-in-progress.  The consultant also assists with quantitative sampling, data analysis, and results reporting when required.

Quantitative Quality Control.–Swaggart’s designated Field Superintendent performs sample-plot data collection, quantitative analysis, and results reporting when required.  (Swaggart’s consultant assists with this work as necessary.)  We will submit a comprehensive quantitative quality control plan after contract award, if required. .

 We are a self-policing Company!